About us

What We Do, What We Believe In:

MARKETING: branding strategy, design and digital – web, server, mobile.

In designing the brand and implementing digital, we always try to build the durable trust with consumers rather than one-campaign stunts; in this line of thinking, we develop our capability to deliver loyalty programs and customer service.

At business level we understand sell in/sell out, markup vs margin, and alike, the commercial side of what we are talking about. Our job is to prove that the final customer is there, trusting, able to fulfill our spreadsheets.

OFFICE DESIGN: office planning, furnishing and lighting

First of all, we are at the beginning with this; we designed a couple of places, based on the experience in doing exhibition venues. Mostly, at this stage we put forward our beliefs, so that we can prove them further.

We believe in workplaces organized as collaborative spaces, turned towards their ‘inhabitants’, and energy plus humanly efficient. We all need light, comfort and privacy; then, access and social vibe; and a bit of sightseeing, something beautiful to watch.

We believe in places with a ‘soul’, and in the companies that are aware of that, and strive to ‘deliver’ it to their work people. The day to day experience is the best experiential ‘team building’.

All in all, we believe in branding for ‘good’, inwards and outwards of the organization. To understand this idea better, we team up with the younger and the better. We share the place and some work with RDPR.