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#Targeted Web Monitoring

We started from a question posed about five years ago by a client: can you track for us the competitive products – prices, promotions — changes — on this list of e-shops?

and readily I said, ‘Yes, sure’; but when started…

The idea cooked slowly for some time, and with my partner, at an second request from another client person, we just started implementing it, with one of our large e-retailers, tested with a copuple of others.

Now we have a customizable, semi-automated but fully functional product, that can gather with a good accuracy (like 90%) the relevant data:

It can browse, separate and, periodically present targeted products by category (own and competition), as a table of prices, sale campaigns, changes from the previous iteration, and calculated indices and indicators.

There is a set back, though; it takes several weeks to adjust and calibrate to a category and to a target e-shop.


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